Planetary Gear Motor

Planetary Gear Motor

We are professional manufacturer of planetary gear motor: DC Planetary Gear Motor, BLDC Planetary Gear Motor, Planetary Gear Stepping Motor and AC Planetary Gear Motor.

Planetary Gear Motor, Planetary Gear Stepping Motor and AC Planetary Gear Motor.

Planetary gear drive use several planet wheels working at the same time to transfer the load, it can make the power dividing, with small size, light weight, large output, high efficiency and reliability. So, planetary gear drive is better than other general gear drive. Our corporation's planetary gear varieties from Cll 16 - Cll 60, the maximum reduction ratio can Reached 1 :3630

Our planetary motor gearboxes are based on a modular system design, suitable for small, medium and large quantities, we are willing to accept.

Do you need special specifications planetary gearboxes? No problem, we can provide solutions for you to accept your order.


 Planetary Gear Motor

16JX3K/16ZY27B  Planetary Gear Motor

16JX3K/17ZYN23  Planetary Gear Motor

22JXF3K/20ZY32 Planetary Gear Motor

22JXF3K/24ZY30 Planetary Gear Motor

22JXF3K/22ZY38 Planetary Gear Motor

22JN10K/22ZY38 Planetary Gear Motor

22JNB15K/22ZY38G-1 Planetary Gear Motor

22JNB15K/22ZY38G-2 Planetary Gear Motor

22JNB20K/22ZY38G-1 Planetary Gear Motor

22JNB20K/22ZY38G-2 Planetary Gear Motor

24JN10K/24ZY30-1 Planetary Gear Motor

24JNB20K/24ZY30-1 Planetary Gear Motor

24JN10K/24ZY30-2  Planetary Gear Motor

24JNB20K/24ZY30-2 Planetary Gear Motor

28JXF10K/28ZY38 Planetary Gear Motor

28JNC20K/28ZY38 Planetary Gear Motor

28JN30K/28ZY38 Planetary Gear Motor

28JNB30K/28ZY38 Planetary Gear Motor

28JN30K/28ZY47 Planetary Gear Motor

28JNB30K/28ZY47 Planetary Gear Motor

28JNB30K/28ZY47P Planetary Gear Motor

28JND50K/28ZY47P Planetary Gear Motor

30JN30K/28ZY47P Planetary Gear Motor

30JNB30K/28ZY47P Planetary Gear Motor

30JNB30K/28ZY47PG Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE20K/28ZY38P Planetary Gear Motor

32JXB20K/28ZY38P Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE20K/28ZY47P Planetary Gear Motor

32JXB20K/28ZY47P Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/28ZY47P-1 Planetary Gear Motor

32JXB30K/28ZY47P-1 Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/28ZY47P-2 Planetary Gear Motor

32JXB30K/28ZY47P-2 Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/31ZY51G Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/31ZY57 Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/31ZY57G Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/31ZY70 Planetary Gear Motor

32JXE30K/36ZY57P Planetary Gear Motor

36JXE30K/35ZY40 Planetary Gear Motor

36JXE30K/36ZY50 Planetary Gear Motor

36JXE30K/36ZY57 Planetary Gear Motor

36JXE30K/36ZY57P Planetary Gear Motor

36JXL50K/36ZY57P Planetary Gear Motor

36JX30K/36ZY85P Planetary Gear Motor

36JXF50K/36ZY65 Planetary Gear Motor

38JN80K/36ZY57PG Planetary Gear Motor

38JN80K/36ZY65P Planetary Gear Motor

42JXE100K/42ZY68P-1 Planetary Gear Motor

42JXE100K/42ZY68P-2 Planetary Gear Motor

42JXE100K/42ZY68 Planetary Gear Motor

42JXE100K/42ZY75 Planetary Gear Motor

42JXL100K/42ZY90 Planetary Gear Motor

42JXH150K/42ZY68P Planetary Gear Motor 

45JX100K/45ZY68 Planetary Gear Motor 

45JX100K/45ZY78 Planetary Gear Motor 

52JX300K/52ZY80 Planetary Gear Motor 

52JX300K/52ZY95 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JXE300K/60YN10 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JXE300K/70YN20 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JXE300K/80YN30 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JX300K/60ZY105 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JXE450K/60ZY105 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JXE450K/64ZY110 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JXE450K/78ZY112 Planetary Gear Motor 

60JX450K/63ZY125 Planetary Gear Motor 

80PMB800K/80ZY125 Planetary Gear Motor 

80PMB800K/80ZYT140 Planetary Gear Motor