16mm Slotless Brushless DC Motor

Slotless Brushless DC Motor, 16ZWWC40 can avoid the pulsation of air gap magnetic induction caused by uneven magnetic resistance in the teeth.It can eliminate the pulse loss in the armature core and t···

  • Motor Characteristics

Motor part number
Pole pair-1111
Phase resistanceΩ0.631.311.853.15
Phase inductancemH0.0330.0450.0960.2
winding connection method-Star shapeStar shapeStar shapeStar shape
Insulation class-BBBB
Duty type-S2S2S2S2
Feedback method-Hall sensorsHall sensorsHall sensorsHall sensors
Commutation angle-120°120°120°120°
Insulation strength(Withstand voltage)-500VAC/1KHz/1mA/1s500VAC/1KHz/1mA/1s500VAC/1KHz/1mA/1s500VAC/1KHz/1mA/1s
Insulation resistance-100 MΩ/500VDC100 MΩ/500VDC100 MΩ/500VDC100 MΩ/500VDC
Rated voltageV18243648
Rated powerW33393939
Rated torquemN·m7.
Rated speedRPM44000513005000050000
Rated currentA2.191.961.320.95
No load speedRPM50000580005600056000
No load currentA0.310.220.150.12
Motor efficiency%858482.484.92
Noise (Ambient noise 20db, test distance 1m)dB<50<50<50<50
Case - Environmental thermal resistance (no load)K/W1.221.331.471.07
Motor thermal time constant (no load)S420450480390
Ambient temperature22.322.322.322.3
Max. winding temperature (no load)63758063.8
Torque constantmN·m/A3.383.785.667.75
Back-EMF constant - peak valueV/Krpm0.50.560.841.15
Back-EMF constant - effective valueV/Krpm0.350.40.590.81
Peak torquemN·m96.6569.21110.19118.13
Peak currentA29181915
Inertia momentg·cm²0.5830.5830.5830.583
mechanical time constantms3.215.353.363.06
End bell-Stainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Bearing-Deep Groove Ball BearingDeep Groove Ball BearingDeep Groove Ball BearingDeep Groove Ball Bearing
Magnet-Sinter NdFedBSinter NdFedBSinter NdFedBSinter NdFedB
Rotation shaft-Carbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
  • Dimensional Drawing

Brushless DC Motor Size 16mm - images

16mm Slotless BLDC image

  • Torque Performance Curves

  • 1 Pole pairs

16mm Slotless BLDC image
  • Options

  • Precision Planetary gearbox

Precision Planetary gearbox

Series-1 level2 level3 level4 level
Total speed ratioX : 13.947 5.30816 21 26 28 3562 83 103 111 138
150 172 186 231
243 326 406 439 546 590 679 734
794 913 987 1135 1227 1526
Max. continuous torqueN.m0.20.450.750.9
Max. Continuous output powerW107.541.5
Max. continuous input speedrpm12000120001400016000
Max. efficiency%90807565
Max. back gap°0.750.90.91
Gearbox length Lmm18.725.530.235