3 phase 3MS110M

3 Phase Stepping Driver:3MS110M 


  • High performance, low price;
  • Provides 16 kinds microstep selection,resolution can be set to 60000pulse/rev.
  • Once the pulse stops for 100mm,phase current automatically reduce to 20%-80%.(It decided by the STOP/Im setting)
  • Bipolar constant current chopper control;
  • Photocoupler isolated input/output;
  • Adjustable drive current range from 0.6A/phase-5.2A/phase;
  • Single power input, voltage range from AC60V-130V;
  • The upmost pulse response frequence amounts to 200Kpps;
  • Phase memorize(Notes:Once the pulse stops for 5s or more,the Driver will memorize current phases automatically so that it can be resume after restart  or MF signal changes from valid to invalid.)
  • Overheat protection&Overcurrent, under voltage protection.
  •  Dimension: 68x178x108mm;Net Weight:2.0Kgs
Microstep Setting:                                                        DIP Switch Setting:                                                       
Running current Setting                                    
Driver connection:


1. Do not reverse the power input,input voltage should not exceed AC130V.
2. Input logic should be 5V,otherwise it should connect a resistor
3. O.H is malfunction indicator. Once the driver temperature exceeds 70°C,the current will be cut off automatically and the driver will resume working till the temperature drops to 50°C. If this happens,please install ventilation equipment.
4. Once over current (short circuit)/under voltage occur, LED O.C lights, please shut off power and check the electricity circuit to solve the problem, then restore power supply.
5. PWR is power indicator,it lights when power on.
6. Passing the origin or there is pulse output, TM LED lights.

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