Spindle and Frequency
NEMA 8 (size 20mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 11 (size 28mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor26HY (size 26mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 14R (round size 36mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 16 (size 39mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 17 (size 42mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 23 (size 57mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 23 (size 57mm,round shape)NEMA 24 (size 60mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 34 (size 86mm) Hybrid Stepper MotorNEMA 34 (size 86mm,round shape)NEMA 42 (size 110mm) Hybrid Stepper Motor"Leadshine" Closed Loop Stepper Drive"Leadshine" 3 Phase Digital Stepper Drivedigital driveranalog driver15W Single Output Switching Power Supply25W Single Output Switching Power Supply35W Single Output Switching Power Supply50W Single Output Switching Power Supply100W Single Output Switching Power Supply125W Single Output Switching Power Supply150W Single Output Switching Power Supply200W Single Output Switching Power Supply250W Single Output Switching Power Supply300W Single Output Switching Power Supply320W Single Output Switching Power Supply400W Single Output Switching Power Supply500W Single Output Switching Power Supply600W Single Output Switching Power Supply15BY PM stepper motor20BY PM stepper motor25BY PM stepper motor35BY PM stepper motor42BY PM stepper motor49BY PM stepper motor57BY PM stepper motor42 series brushless motor 60 series brushless motor 70 series brushless motor86 series brushless motor 110 series brushless motor42 series brushless servo motor60 series brushless servo motor 70 series brushless servo motor 86 series brushless servo motor 22JX10K/2238 planet gear motor24JX5K/2430 planet gear motor28JX5K/2838 planet gear motor28JX10K/2838 planet gear motor36JX20K/3530 planet gear motor36JX20K/3540 planet gear motor36JX20K/3650 planet gear motor36JX30K/3657 planet gear motor36JX30K/3685 planet gear motor40JX50K/4068X planet gear motor42JX100K/4268P planet gear motor45JX100K/4568 planet gear motor60JX300K/6075 planet gear motor60JX300K/60105 planet gear motor3 phase driverSize 11H 28mm hybrid stepper motor linear actuators60 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 100W,200W,400W,600W 92 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 500W,750W,1000W,1200W80 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 500W,750W,1000W123 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 1100,1500,2200,3000,4000W192 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 1.9KW to 22.5KW280 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 5.2KW to 31.4KWspindlestepper motor linear actuatorsmini integrated driversize 130mm Hybrid Stepper Motor60 series brushless motor60 series brushless motor57 series brushless motor 80 series brushless motor32 series dc brushless motor42 series dc brushless motor52 series dc brushless motor62 series dc brushless motor82 series dc brushless motor180 Series Low Inertia AC Servo 1.9KW to 9.4KW

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